Last week we all had a good laugh when we found out that White House gate crasher/reality star Michaele Salahi left her husband for Neal Schon, lead guitarist of Journey.  I gotta tell ya….this can happen to ANYONE! 

It’s 1989 and I’m a hot rocking, flame throwing night-time DJ in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was dating this girl for a few weeks and I was going to impress her by taking her BACKSTAGE at the RATT/Cinderella concert.  I know ladies….how could this NOT be anything BUT impressive.  So….concert ends…we’re backstage…the bands are there…I am very impressed with how impressed my date, Dawn D., must be with me.  I AM  Danny Impressive.  All hail ME!!!!!  It’s now time to leave as the stage is being broken down so I look to find my date.  Hmmmmmmm.  No sign of Dawn.  I corner a stage guy and asked if he saw the girl I was with.  He said  “Oh yeah…she and Freddy really hit it off..she left with him.”

LET ME CLARIFY THIS:  Freddy is Fred Coury the drummer for Cinderella.  He doesn’t commute.  He is a drummer in  a rock band that is on tour so basically my date dumped me and went on the road with Cinderella.  As I drove home……alone….I told myself, “She’s in for a load of heart ache and STD’s.  She’ll be sorry one day.”  Years later I found out that my “date” ended up MARRYING Fred Coury and they have two great looking kids. 

I learned a couple of things about myself that night in Grand Rapids.  Number One:  Stop trying to impress everyone and be yourself.  Number Two:  Never take a date backstage.