I’m glad that I never have had children. I may die alone but I could not handle the guilt I would feel in bringing another human being into a world that is so divided and filled with anger and hate. I was raised as a Catholic. My Mother is very religious and says the rosary daily. As a kid I was bored with Church. I took the Confirmation name of “Peter” NOT because of the famous disciple of Jesus it was because of Peter Criss the drummer for KISS. I am NOT a practicing Catholic yet I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.

No one will live on this planet forever. That’s not part of the plan. We are not the ones that are in charge. There is so much more beyond this level. I believe this is the true definition of “faith.” I did not always feel this way. People change as they get older and wiser. Twenty years ago I believed the stripper named “Sable” that was hanging upside down on a brass pole during a Motley Crue song, while pursing her red lips through her black roots, loved ME and it was just a coincidence I spent a hundred bucks on table dances, a shitty t-shirt and a bad golf hat. It cost me a lot of money and a lot of friction but like they say “Knowledge is power.”

I’m a Libertarian. Do what ya wanna do but don’t expect me to join you. I’m not a sheep. I may not understand what YOU wanna do because that is called FREE WILL. Don’t buffalo your ass on my property and preach your agenda. It’s not your business what I do. In return I am not gonna parade my beliefs into your world of delusion. NO ONE deserves that. We have forgotten that we operate under the nuance of freedom. A small man in a medical jacket convinced millions of Americans to put on a mask, run in their basement and hide from the world for a year and a half. How stupid was that? What was the benefit? Is this world REALLY one that we want to live in? The crime? The hate? The riots? The shootings? What am I missing? What’s so wonderful on this level that puts everyone in fear of catching a virus that has a minimal chance of ending your life? Turn on the news. Inform yourself. We clearly are NOT living in utopia. If life were a game of Monopoly we would be living in a cardboard box and pissing in a pickle jar on Baltic Avenue.

As I write this blog the “Fear Police” are back. Oh No! Not another variant??? What do we do?? Mask up and run back to the basement until Dr. Foochi says it’s okay to have an ice cream cone? If that’s what YOU want to do then have a good time. I will continue to live my life without fear and accept my own destiny.

Danny’s widely popular podcast DANNYLAND! will return soon. ūü¶ĺūü¶ĺūü¶ĺ

guy laughing

I was telling my shrink the other day how the person I hate in life is the person I was ten years ago.  If you believe that way of thinking then you can speculate that I am really dealing with learning how to stop hating myself.  I also find it interesting to note that I have become the person I used to laugh at and make fun of.

I’m fifty-five years old.¬† I’m figuring out what truly matters in life.¬† I used to think it was $180 jeans and $80 t-shirts.¬† Now I get excited when I can find Greek yogurt on sale for eighty-eight cents.¬† Make fun of me but if I buy ten of them I’ll pocket a buck twenty and you can put that towards your White Claw your spending five bucks on at some shitty bar with a bunch of plastic people that think they’ll make money some day by being an Instagram model.¬† I cut my own hair.¬† I like sweat pants and t-shirts.¬† I don’t really shave but I do run some clippers over my face every few days.¬† I don’t like silence and have developed a sort of verbal tic where I grunt for seemingly no apparent reason.¬† Trust me.¬† People notice.¬† Based on their reaction I will assume it is of great concern to them.¬† I enjoy it because it creates distance.¬† I’m not a big fan of people being in my personal space.¬† If you made it this far in my post you either find it fascinating or perhaps you may be considering a restraining order.¬† Both are logical.

So laugh all ya want.¬† Just know that one day you’ll understand.¬† I just hope you can figure out your journey and purpose faster then me.

512 x 512 fist

I quit taking prescribed xanax about thirty days ago.¬† My mind is focused and on fire.¬† I am blessed to see all that is wrong with this world and the future is bleak.¬† We are no longer a kind society.¬† Self entitlement and the “me first” attitude has taken root.¬† It is not too late to stop this serpent from continuing its devilish duty.¬† Censorship is all around us.¬† This site has been attacked by those that try to stifle my first amendment rights and do not want anyone to face the truth.¬† Our Constitution is under attack on a daily basis.¬† The left wants to increase Supreme Court Judges by tenfold and us to lower the voting age without bothering to address the ramifications by ignoring the Constitution.¬† This is a blatant attack on our forefathers.¬† So many people have adopted the “not my problem” attitude.¬† I disagree.¬† This is a moment of our battle cry.¬† This is a moment of stopping the evil.¬† This is a moment we cannot ignore.

My entire life I have been told to look the other way and to keep my mouth shut.  That time is over.  I will not sit by silently and let those with evil intentions to steamroll those that believe in respect and integrity and the American way.  Remember 911?  It was the last time this country was united.  We have become complacent once again.  We are a hanging fruit ready to be harvested.  More government is not the solution.  It is the source of the problem.  I believe in family and have strong faith in God.  I am not in this world to say what people want to hear.  I am blessed to be on this earth to stand up against sin and those that wish to spread evil.

It takes a small amount of effort to be kind.¬† Kindness does not recognize color or creed.¬† Be kind to your neighbor or stranger and witness how they are caught off guard by your generosity.¬† It’s further proof that what I say is true.¬† Together, with knowledge and prayer, we can make a difference.¬† I just hope it’s not too late.

your hired

I’m an odd duck.¬† I left the world of radio eight years ago and in that time I have become my own boss.¬† I have relocated to my hometown of Cleveland and live in my basement.¬† I have a wonderful bedroom upstairs that is for my mom when she visits.¬† I have not been in my loft.¬† I have three TV’s downstairs, a desk, a podcast studio, three computers and a notepad.¬† I ride a Harley.¬† I don’t have a vehicle.¬† I support Uber and rarely go out.¬† In the past I have been accused of being difficult and I chose today’s blog as an opportunity to examine and address that accusation.

First of all I think people quickly assume someone is difficult when they are a free thinker.  I will always tell you how I feel.  There ARE bad ideas in brainstorming.  I never criticize unless I have a solution.  Too many people in the position of authority are insecure in their own leadership abilities, or lack thereof, that they only want you to bow down and kiss the ring.  To work for this type of person is to forfeit your own integrity.  I want to work for one that will guide me and not order me.  The best managers hire people and let them grow.  They let you fail because you cannot enjoy success without tasting defeat.

Critics of me, and there are many, want to silence me.  I could have played the corporate game and amassed a tremendous amount of money.  My integrity is not for sale.  You can take all my material possessions but you cannot take my mind.  I am 54 years old and I make sure I learn something new each day.  I have learned that the circle of true friends that accept you for what are is surprisingly small.

A job does not love you or define who you are.¬† It’s just the way of paying the cable bill and mine is $140 a month.¬† Family is everything and I am lucky to be home and rediscovering mine.¬† It’s never to late to change.¬† Question everything that is told to you.¬† Be accountable for what you say and what you do.¬† Do not fear making mistakes.¬† If that makes me difficult then I proudly wear that crown.


Real meaning of Xmas

Click below and listen.  The first part of every Dannyland is when Danny just rants and raves about things that are on his mind.  Always unpredictable today is no exception.

messy studio

Last podcast of the week.  Danny talks about the fight he got into over the phone with his mother today.  Why he hates the game of Monopoly.  The importance of respecting and listening to elderly people plus what is so special about today.  Hint:  It marks a four year anniversary.

question markLife is strange…I think we all can agree on that but there are things that perplex me on a daily basis. ¬†Why do people watch “Real Housewives” when there isn’t anything real about them at all? ¬† If I call information for a number to call “Ghostbusters” how come they don’t have a number. ¬† If someone doesn’t believe that aliens truly exist have they ever seen a picture of Larry King? ¬†Why do people expect sports and entertainment stars to be role models–isn’t that the job of a parent?

Why do some people still judge a person based on their religious beliefs or skin color–doesn’t character come into consideration? ¬†Why are people taken aback when you use the words “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome?” ¬† Can a real man play Monopoly and still choose the thimble as his game piece? ¬†How come I still have flash backs to being in 6th grade gym class when I couldn’t climb the rope?

Am I the only person that doesn’t answer their cell phone but just uses it to text? ¬†How come they allow Donald Duck to walk around Disney World not wearing pants? ¬†What would happen if I went back to my high school and asked to see my “permanent record?” ¬†When will people realize that fish are not pets…they are food. ¬†Karaoke should be called “A Night For People That Can’t Sing.” ¬†Do Japanese people think that any product labeled “Made in USA” is cheap and will probably break? ¬†How come a cat is the only animal that poops in a box? ¬†How come I don’t break into spontaneous laughter after eating a “Snickers” bar?

If you can answer any of these questions for me then I would appreciate it and if you also think of any of these queries of life…then I will reserve you some space in my rubber room.



I was raised Catholic so Easter was kind of big deal to me as a kid but there are so many things that didn’t make sense to me then and they surely don’t now. ¬†It started on Good Friday when my mother would make me come inside the house between 1-3PM because “that is the time Jesus died.” ¬†With leap years and Daylight Savings Time over the past two thousand years shouldn’t Good Friday actually be before Valentines Day? ¬†How does sitting downstairs silently for two hours on a sunny Friday afternoon give me a higher place in heaven? ¬†I don’t think the secret to everlasting life can be found being quiet and lazy.

Easter Sunday was a big deal. ¬†This is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. ¬†I would think that if this occurred today it would be the main topic on CNN and they would call in Wolf Blitzer for a special Sunday edition of “The Situation Room.” ¬† I can even see Nancy Grace yelling at Jesus, “C’mon! ¬†Do REALLY expect me to believe that you moved that rock all by yourself!!!!!!!

So we have this wonderful man who was without sin and died on the cross for all of us so we can have everlasting life and the way we show our thanks is by hiding hard-boiled eggs inside our house? ¬†I sure hope the Cadbury family is giving thanks to Jesus because he made them millionaires. ¬†What’s with the bunny? ¬†I mean seriously…the Easter Bunny is one step below a clown on my creep-o-meter. ¬†I remember watching rabbits appear at dusk in my backyard as a kid and I would NEVER be able to get within 20 yards of them. ¬†The Easter Bunny is so tall he could play point guard on most NBA teams, he walks on two feet, doesn’t hop, and he likes to hug and shake hands. ¬†Something is not making sense here. ¬†Try bringing the Easter bunny to church with ya one day and see how quickly the cops show up. ¬† Instead of gnawing on a leg of lamb you and your bunny friend will be in a rubber room weaving baskets out of cooked spaghetti.

I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter….that’s all for now…I think the tooth fairy is at my door.