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Danny highlights the most ridiculous moment of last night’s “Dancing With The Stars.”  Dr. Phil yesterday was SUPER creepy.  Why on earth would the husband of a mayor dress up for Halloween in a costume you won’t believe?  What commercial right now is driving Danny nuts and so much more.  Just click below.

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Danny lets it all out this time.  He starts with a child’s book that he received from an ex that has finally impacted his life.  What is Ellen thinking?  What does she really fear?  Political correctness has already affected Halloween.  The need to arm yourselves now more than ever to protect your family.   Just another day in DANNYLAND!!

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.The Oscar nominations were announced this morning.  I have OCD so I don’t watch a lot of movies because I can’t sit still so it really wasn’t a big deal to me until the media started fanning the flames of racism.  For only the second time in nearly two decades, the 20 Academy Awards acting nominations went to a group made up entirely of white actors and actresses.   Why even report that?

Here’s how I see it.  There are two types of people in this world:  good and bad.  There are different types of religions for you to choose to follow and what you choose to believe does not really matter….it’s what you DO that makes you either good or bad.

What if the roles were reversed and all the acting nominees were black?  I couldn’t care less.  To me that would mean that those were the best acting performances of the year.  Why does color have to come into it?  We will never get past racism until we look beyond the color of someone’s skin yet the media continues to fan the flames of the difference in color.

Let me illustrate the absurd by being absurd.  Take Affirmative Action for instance.  If I own a company and have ten openings I am going to hire the ten best people for the job.  I don’t care about color, I don’t care if ya show up to work with a parrot on your shoulder or if you come to work on a pogo stick.  Can you do the job?  End of story.  Imagine if Affirmative Action was enforced in the NBA.  Do you think a team would ever score fifty points in a game?

Why do we continue to try to make ourselves the same?  Difference is good.  It makes us examine a pattern of thinking that we may not have considered and in some cases we actually end up learning something.  Heaven forbid we actually do something like that.

michael-jackson-mugshot1)  MICHAEL JACKSON:  Allegedly the late King of Pop paid $35 million to twenty-four boys to buy their silence of child abuse allegations.  I don’t care if he was a musical genius or not.  If these allegations prove to be true then we must not recognize his musical ability without first being concerned about his alleged cruel and sick actions towards children.

2) ATHLETES THAT COMMIT CRIMES:  I am a huge sports fan but I find it more difficult to cheer on these goons that commit heinous crimes.  Would ya buy a Charles Manson jersey and root for him to write a book or put a painting on Ebay for you to buy?

3)  KIM KARDASHIAN:  Why do we continue to support this narcissistic promiscuous floozy?  She will eventually sell pictures of her child, gave her a stupid name and yet is idolized by millions of teen-age girls?  I only hope these followers wise up and realize she is truly the antithesis of a female role model.

4)  GLOBAL WARMING:  I don’t believe for one second that a styro-foam cup and an aerosol deodorant can is gonna knock this world of its axis and melt the glaciers.  This world has been around for more than a few million years and I don’t think a few plastic water bottles are gonna knock us out of orbit.

5)  PAULA DEAN:  I’m not convinced that she is racist but I am convinced that she believes that black people are not on the same level as white people.  To me it’s simple:  Don’t view people by color or gender; view them by intelligence or stupidity but I have long ago learned that common sense is obtained and not able to be taught.

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