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Meryl Streep is on my nerves, what was that guy in a van in South Florida doing in his van, thoughts on the shooting at the Lauderdale airport and more.  Just click below to listen.

wacky radio listener

Danny starts by telling a story of how his mother tries to regulate what he eats and then it just takes off from there.  Click below to listen.

cruzTwo podcasts in two days…..about time I get my lazy a$$ in gear huh?  Politically incorrect yet always the truth.  Just click below to listen.  Thanks!

super tuesday

Very politically incorrect as we wrap up the Oscars, make fun of people in politics and rip on a tender moment.

chick with radio

Danny highlights the most ridiculous moment of last night’s “Dancing With The Stars.”  Dr. Phil yesterday was SUPER creepy.  Why on earth would the husband of a mayor dress up for Halloween in a costume you won’t believe?  What commercial right now is driving Danny nuts and so much more.  Just click below.