2020 world

The re-opening of America has begun.  Fifty states….fifty governors…..fifty different ideas.  Some states will not be open until the end of June.  Some people wear masks.  Some people don’t.  We are not United….we have become the Divided States of America.

I’m gonna be fifty-six in a few weeks.  My habits and opinions have been formed and they are not gonna change.  I am in a high risk group and I don’t want to wear a mask.  I don’t like one way aisles in the grocery store.  I am anti-social by nature but I will never get used to social distancing.  I’m in my basement and I don’t really want to be a part of the world that awaits me outside of my home.

Sports have been cancelled.  The NFL season is in jeopardy.  There are rumors that the games will be played in empty stadiums.  I don’t want that.  I want the way it used to be.  I want it to be familiar to me.  I don’t want to adapt to the “new rules” and I won’t.  Some people will have a problem with what I say but a funny thing happened while I was getting older—suddenly we all don’t give a shit.  It’s refreshing.  All of a sudden you don’t have to keep track of all the lies you told to protect someone’s feelings.

I think this restart is gonna be a disaster.  No one is even close to being on the same page and everyone changes what they believe or what they want enforced on a daily basis.  I’m not sure what the future will bring so I am going back to what I know.  I am going back to what got me through fifty-five years on this earth.  I’m going back to the way I lived life in 2019.  Be safe friends.


I am so tired of explaining this but it’s back in the news after Israel failed in landing an UNMANNED spacecraft on the moon this week.  I get ridiculed all the time I bring this up but I will NEVER trust our government.  We are told what we NEED to hear and are conditioned NOT to question what they tell us.  When is the last time that government got involved and it was good?  Part of my mantra is “trust is earned; not handed out.”  What has our government done to insure your trust?  Let me save you the effort…..NOTHING!  It’s a cesspool of corruption and self entitlements.  Look at everything the government has it’s hands on:  IRS, Social Security, Medicare, etc.  Fail…Fail….Fail.

Let’s look at facts:  Space Shuttle 135 missions to ORBIT the earth.  Shuttles Challenger and Columbia were destroyed during their mission and we lost fourteen astronauts.  The Apollo missions resulted in (sic) six moon landings between 1969-1972.  Now we wanna go back?  The moon race in the 60’s was a race between America and Russia.  We were in a cold war and needed a jolt of nationalism.  Why not go to the moon?  Have you ever been to a space museum and seen the capsule our astronauts returned to orbit in?  I’d feel safer in an AMC Pacer crashing into a pole.  Let’s look at this story in more detail.  This shitty capsule traveled 238,900 miles from the moon and then just drops in the ocean within miles of the awaiting Navy ship?  Is this a ten year old explaining who ate the last piece of cake to his mother?  It doesn’t sink.  It doesn’t burn up.  Astronauts are not impaled upon a remote control stick from an Atari that acted as their compass into the aforementioned ocean?  What the hell is going on here?  This makes absolutely no sense but I, the one that is calling bullshit, am looked upon as a nutball.  I just wanna understand why we need to go back if we have been there before.  Perhaps we never were there?  That makes a lot more sense than what our government has been telling us since 1969.  If you need me…..I’ll be in my bunker.  Thanks for reading.



What has happened to this country?  At some point we have become a bunch of wussies.  Political correctness makes us afraid of one thing:  the truth.  I’ve always hated grey.  It’s black or white, good or bad, smart and stupid, you get the idea…..if not you’re pretty stupid.

Difference of opinion is good and it’s reality except people are in denial because they may be worried about losing a friend on facebook.  Everyone has a cause.  Something that they care deeply about.  If someone doesn’t share your passion that doesn’t mean they aren’t a supporter of your cause.  It just means it’s not necessarily a priority in their life and guess what?   That’s what makes us different and difference is good.  It makes people think.  It’s what makes us individuals.  It’s what separates us from being a robot.

I voted for Trump.  Some people will automatically say “You’re a racist.”  What???  I’m not a racist I just like the guy.  He won.  Get over it.  I don’t wave it in front of the faces of those that don’t like the guy cause I think that’s pretty immature but this isn’t about Trump.  It runs much deeper than that.  I just used that as an example.

Look……I’m 100 percent Polish and I love a good Pollock joke.  I don’t get mad or offended because it’s a freaking joke.  We need to laugh.  Life is tough.  Life is not always a mondo jovial type tundra.  Let’s say you spit in my face.  I’m offended and probably will punch you but there are people out there that actually believe you must have done something to provoke that action.  Amazing.  Here’s the truth:  There are a lot of assholes in this world.  I care about people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt but it’s not my job to fix an asshole.  An asshole comes in all colors, races, religions and political beliefs.

I know there are people that believe I’m an asshole but I can’t worry about that.  I like to laugh at myself and others but I also believe we need to be nice to each other.  Society has become a mass of fear.  This country was created by a mass of those with differences.  Life is short.  We make mistakes to learn.  I believe we have to get back to being different and not worrying what other people think.  That’s just my opinion and maybe that’s what makes me an asshole.  Thanks for reading.

thank you

What has happened to the “T” word?  It used to be prevalent but now it’s virtually non-existent.  In case you are not aware of the word I am referring to it’s “thank you.”   The “T” word is very powerful and for some reason it seems as though we are afraid to use it.  The same can be said for “please” and “you’re welcome.”

I was seeing my heart surgeon yesterday and it affected me both physically but more so mentality.  I had a heart block back in September of 2015 that left me in a coma for six days and the intensive care unit for three weeks.  The first couple of days were very precarious as they could not be sure that I would survive.  In retrospect I needed to crash.  This was a gift.  It was a spiritual awakening.

Doctors always move fast.  They appear to be in a hurry because they ARE in a hurry.  Many people need their attention so their furious pace is quite understandable.  As my doctor sat down with me and asked how I was doing I think he expected my response to be “fine” or “pretty good.”  Instead I replied “When someone holds the door open for us we usually respond with a half-hearted ‘thank you.’  You have given me a second chance in life.  I don’t feel that saying ‘thank you’ truly illustrates my appreciation for what you did.  I am a different person and I promise I won’t let you down.”

A strange thing happened.  He slowed down, stopped for a second, and replied “You don’t have to thank me as it was my duty to give you the best medical care but do know that you have just made my day.”  Wow.  This is a brilliant man who has saved many lives and just my words of appreciation were enough to make a difference in his day.  We need to return to a society that cares about each other.  We don’t have to agree with one another but we need to be tolerant and respectful of one another.  After my visit with the doctor I had to go to a lab for some blood work.  The kind woman who was to draw my blood noticed I was carrying the book “America the Beautiful” by Dr. Ben Carson.  We then discussed how she and her husband enjoy reading and how she made sure to pass that indulgence down to her children and grandchildren.  The point here is simple.  If we take the time to be kind to one another then it gives us an opportunity to take the word “strange” out of stranger.

This is a fast paced society but the irony is that our time here on earth is actually very short.  I try to make a difference or learn something new every day.  Imagine what a different world we would live in if everyone made this their mission statement.  Enjoy your day, hug those you love and “THANK YOU” for reading this.

sad americaNorth Korea is responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures and we respond by pulling the movie “The Interview” on Christmas Day.  Really?  When Home Depot let the identities of millions of its customers get hacked did we stop mowing the lawn?  What does this show North Korea?  Simple…..the next time they don’t like something in this country all they have to do is hack TMZ.com and no more updates on why Jennifer Anniston doesn’t wanna have kids.

This country has turned into the marching band geek in high school that takes the long way to their next class because he doesn’t wanna get a wedgie in the bathroom from a classmate that smokes.  Where were these North Korean computer hacks when “Dumb and Dumber Too” came out?  I haven’t been to the movies in about six years but my mother and I were planning on going Christmas Day to see “The Interview” NOT because we wanted to see the movie, we were gonna go just because a bunch or nerds with bad skin and no girlfriends dared us to.

We, as a nation, blew this big time.  We sent a message to potential hackers that if you mess with our X-Box then we are gonna stay home.  For a long time I have said that the next terrorist attack against us will be either poisoning our food supply or taking down power grids.  We have shown that we are not the land of the free and the brave but the home of the wimps and the wussies.  What an insult to any American that has served his or her country.  Terrorists win when you let fear take over.

So what would I have done?   I’d make sure “The Interview” was the ONLY picture playing in theatres on Christmas Day.  I’d wanna see lines outside the movies nationwide.  I’d like to show the world that we ARE leaders and those that lead don’t get into the crawl space in the attic when the bully walks down the neighborhood sidewalk.   We keep saying that we have learned from 9-11 but nothing could be further from the truth.  We are a paranoid nation…..and that paranoia stems from “potential” terrorism.  When do we stop the retreat and return to marching forward?  From what I have been seeing…that opportunity has passed.

illegal aliensLet me preface this post by saying how much I admire our armed forces.  Their courage and bravery are second to none.  I do not share the same feelings about our country.  We have what my late father would call “nose problems.”  We don’t like what is happening in another country we intervene and call it a “humanitarian effort.”  Why doesn’t our government call it what it is……an invasion.

Israel aside, we have no right to be the Police of the World.  Take Iraq for instance.  I understand that Sadaam Hussain was a tyrant but the majority of the people in that country are savages.  We invaded a country and strongly suggested our form of government.  That would really please Hitler.

You want to stop corruption and the breaking of laws?  Invade Palm Beach County and take a look at County Commissioners and our shady sheriff, Rick Bradshaw, that allegedly believes there is nothing wrong with gunning down an unarmed citizen on his own property.

We have so many of our troops spread across the globe we can’t stop illegal aliens from entering our country.  Estimates are that 230K illegal children will cross our border in the next 24 months.  Those represent jobs that will be taken from the honest, hard-working American.

My solution?  Bring home all of our troops and shut down our borders  We are being invaded and are doing nothing about it.  Did we learn anything from Pearl Harbor and 911?  Apparently not.

Our national nightmare is over.  Our borders are now secure.  Steven  Segal has become a legitimate border sheriff in Texas!  I first thought this was a publicity stunt for his show on A & E “Lawman.”  This is where Segal rides in a police car and says in between bites of his fast-food burger “There he is” and “Let’s get him.”    This is no publicity stunt America.  Steven Segal is guarding our borders!!

This would have been a bolt of fear for southern immigrants had it been 1988.  This is not your 1988 Steven Segal.  This is your 2011 Steven Segal.  Still confused?  Think when we were choosing the Elvis stamp.  We had the “young Elvis” and the “Fat Elvis.”  Gravity has not been kind to Segal.  How is he gonna protect the borders?  The only Mexican I have faith in him catching is a quesadilla smothered in shredded cheese.  We can try not feeding Segal for a few days in the hopes that would-be illegals would stay south for  fear of actually being eaten by the former star of Under Siege.   We could build a tree stand for him to stand guard every night.  Imagine a group of ten trying to cross into our sacred land.  Segal pounces from his tree stand and all would be apprehended.  Assuming of course his land doesn’t lie on a fault line or thousands may perishes and we could suffer after shocks for weeks.

Perhaps the only option having Steven Segal successfully guard our borders is to have him just lie down in his backyard.  The prospect of scaling his massive stomach will surely discourage even the most experienced mountain climber.  Once we get into winter we could have kids from  church groups bussed in to ski off his massive girth.  If he lays down (and from the looks of it I think he does—a lot) I’m sure his navel would get a powdery base by mid-December.

Take a deep breath America, no need to doublecheck all the dead-bolts, maybe even sleep with a window cracked this weekend.  We all are a little safer thanks to Steven Segal!



See this kid to the left?  Ya don’t wanna be him.  He’s a weatherman in Arkansas that had an unfortunate evening.  His night ended in the following headline:  “Weatherman Found in Hot Tub With Dead Man Wearing Dog Collar.”   I’m not kidding.  CLICK HERE  Oh, by the way…..his last name is Cummins.

As the media spokesperson for this TV station you have a LOT to deal with:  a) Employee sleeping nude with dead guy  b) Hot Tub  c) and the “caveat”…..the DOG COLLAR!  Ya gotta have balls of steel.  This is America.  Give the stupid people some sort of answer and they’ll change the topic at the dinner table to “Why ‘All In The Family’ would never make it past censors today!”

Here’s my spin:  Mr. Cummins is very distraught about the accidental drowning of his unnamed friend that was obviously a dog lover.  Mr. Cummins, a nudist, an avid swimmer, and a sufferer from the sudden onset of narcolepsy is not available yet for comment as he is at city hall changing his last name to “Luvtitz.”  What’s yours????