What Has Happened To The “T” Word?

thank you

What has happened to the “T” word?  It used to be prevalent but now it’s virtually non-existent.  In case you are not aware of the word I am referring to it’s “thank you.”   The “T” word is very powerful and for some reason it seems as though we are afraid to use it.  The same can be said for “please” and “you’re welcome.”

I was seeing my heart surgeon yesterday and it affected me both physically but more so mentality.  I had a heart block back in September of 2015 that left me in a coma for six days and the intensive care unit for three weeks.  The first couple of days were very precarious as they could not be sure that I would survive.  In retrospect I needed to crash.  This was a gift.  It was a spiritual awakening.

Doctors always move fast.  They appear to be in a hurry because they ARE in a hurry.  Many people need their attention so their furious pace is quite understandable.  As my doctor sat down with me and asked how I was doing I think he expected my response to be “fine” or “pretty good.”  Instead I replied “When someone holds the door open for us we usually respond with a half-hearted ‘thank you.’  You have given me a second chance in life.  I don’t feel that saying ‘thank you’ truly illustrates my appreciation for what you did.  I am a different person and I promise I won’t let you down.”

A strange thing happened.  He slowed down, stopped for a second, and replied “You don’t have to thank me as it was my duty to give you the best medical care but do know that you have just made my day.”  Wow.  This is a brilliant man who has saved many lives and just my words of appreciation were enough to make a difference in his day.  We need to return to a society that cares about each other.  We don’t have to agree with one another but we need to be tolerant and respectful of one another.  After my visit with the doctor I had to go to a lab for some blood work.  The kind woman who was to draw my blood noticed I was carrying the book “America the Beautiful” by Dr. Ben Carson.  We then discussed how she and her husband enjoy reading and how she made sure to pass that indulgence down to her children and grandchildren.  The point here is simple.  If we take the time to be kind to one another then it gives us an opportunity to take the word “strange” out of stranger.

This is a fast paced society but the irony is that our time here on earth is actually very short.  I try to make a difference or learn something new every day.  Imagine what a different world we would live in if everyone made this their mission statement.  Enjoy your day, hug those you love and “THANK YOU” for reading this.