I’m a dude so I am always intrigued and confused by the actions of the opposite sex.  Last night I woke up to a commercial for something called a “Tri-Phoria.”  I think most men have never attended a bridal shower so we tend to believe what we see on TV is proper representation of what we haven’t experienced.

I’m thinking this “Tri-Phoria” is some sort of blender with three speeds.  In a way I was right but you’re not making a batter you’re battering yourself.  You really need to watch this video.  Watch it HERE.

“Blow your hair back?”  Isn’t that what a stylist does?  I’m so confused.  Never in the throngs of passion have I ever heard the fairer sex yell “BLOW MY HAIR BACK!!” 

My confusion continues :50 into the commercial when she shares with her fiance’ what she received at the bridal shower.  She asks him if he remembers the massager that HE talked about.  Memo to the ladies:  If your man is talking about a “Tri-Phoria” he probably isn’t playing “Texas Hold ‘Em” when he has a “night out with the boys.” 

Lastly I have to point out his REACTION to his lady receiving THREE  Tri-Phorias.  He responds like he won fifty-yard line seats to the Super Bowl.  Three Tri-Phorias in a house with two people?  I’m able to do the math.  I wouldn’t be jumping up and down in euphoria, I’d be looking for a chair and a seat belt!  Tonight when I go to sleep with the television on…I’m gonna make sure to set the timer!