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Here’s your weekly podcast of the life and times of Danny Czekalinski.  A Valentines Day edition of Three Things I Don’t Understand, Madonna, Ga-Ga, Neighbors, Lesbians and more.  Just Click Below to Listen.


Danny talks about infomercials, why he hasn’t date in 5 years, women with low self esteem and more.  Just click below to listen.

roseThis is what Axl Rose looks like today.  We have audio of him singing lead for AC/DC right at the beginning of the podcast and a lot of politically incorrect comments that you expect from DANNYLAND!   Just click below to listen.

Picture 5

Trump wants to raise the dead, Kobe Bryant says good-bye and more evidence why commercial radio doesn’t have the stones to put me on and let me loose (I am not wearing an ankle bracelet either).

One of the topics trending this morning is Donald Trump telling Larry King his breath stinks.  This was 10 years ago and probably true.   I put together an audio piece of not only Trump telling King to chew on a mint but celebrities who have passed gas on the air.  Just click below to listen to my audio blog.

trump and king