One of the topics trending this morning is Donald Trump telling Larry King his breath stinks.  This was 10 years ago and probably true.   I put together an audio piece of not only Trump telling King to chew on a mint but celebrities who have passed gas on the air.  Just click below to listen to my audio blog.

trump and king

coffinSo what is killing radio??  Simple….radio.  In this socially media active society there are many things that compete for someone’s attention.  Radio can save radio if it just embraces the change in technology and uses social media to promote their content.    CONTENT.  Content is now more important than ever.

Content doesn’t mean music.  If you have a smart phone you basically have your own music station in your hand.  People get up in the morning and they check their facebook page.  They are not sitting on the couch with some Funions listening to your radio show.  Use facebook to promote what you will have that is worth tuning in when they get in the car but make sure it’s on facebook before they get up and hit their news feed.

Use twitter to remind them why they should tune in when they are out the door and on the road but ya better deliver.  If I tune into a radio station I want one of three things:  1)  to laugh  2)  to learn  3) or to agree/disagree on a topic.  People want to be ENTERTAINED.

There is a reason that music radio stations are slowly disappearing and being replaced by talk and sports stations.  Technology is here to get the music for free while not having to wait for your favorite song or sit through commercials.   Great content, however, will give them a reason to tune in and sit through the screaming car dealership ads.

Competition for an individual’s attention (listenership) will increase ten- fold when the internet is available in vehicles.  Think that won’t affect radio?  Look what the internet has done to newspapers.

People can sense bullshit.  People want honesty.  People want to be engaged and they want to freaking laugh or react.  One thing that everyone has is an opinion.  Radio needs to utilize that simple fact to stay relevant.

I could go on and on but a radio station playing in the background is asking for caller number nine to win a $100 laser hair removal gift certificate.  Compelling huh????   NOT!

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There are a lot of things in this world I don’t understand and no matter how hard I try I don’t think some will ever become clear to me.  The Running of the Bulls is one of those things.  This annual event kicked off today with the first of eight runs with six powerful bulls chasing thousands of people through the streets of Pamplona.  I have never really seen a bull up close but I know he has two sharp horns protruding from his head, he weighs a hell of a lot more than me and I really believe I should stay the hell out of his way at all times.

I should also point out that I am an animal lover.  Maybe not a 100% animal lover because I hate spiders, I’m not fond of snakes and possums are kind of prissy and for their size I think they need a serious attitude adjustment.  Bulls get a bad rap.  No one likes someone who is “bull-headed” and no one is a fan of “bullshit” but what did the bulls do to be teased and tormented like this?  Imagine being caged up with five of your buddies and a bunch of drunken, screaming lunatics are running circles around you down a cobblestone road in the heat of summer.  I don’t know about you but I would be a bit pissed and want to put those horns on my dome to use.

Since they started keeping records in 1924 fifteen people have been gored to death by the bulls.  I wish I could be the coach of these bulls because I think they can do much better than that.  Today six people were injured including a 73 year-old that was gored.   That’s right a 73 year-old.  Usually you stop being a dumb ass when you retire and just piss people off by not knowing how to drive and taking too much time at the post office.

Well there are seven more runs to go and I hope you’ll join me in cheering “Let’s Go Bulls!!!!”

I knew what I wanted to do when I was thirteen years old growing up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  I used to listen to Pete Franklin on WWWE talking sports EVERY night.  Then I listened to those silly FM air-personalities in the morning and they seemed to be having soooo much fun.  The one thing I never liked on the radio was music.  I took up time for what I wanted to do.  I wanted to talk to people, laugh, make people react, learn something, teach something, share something but most of all INVOLVE the listeners.  Sadly….today we call that facebook.

I don’t care about the song of the day, the high-low cash game, the phrase that pays, the secret sound, “Horriblescopes” or “Dirt-Alerts.”  I have enough drama in my life so why do I need to know which Real Housewife is in re-hab, which one got arrested, which one got a black eye, how big her engagement ring is or what she looks like in South Beach in a bikini?  It’s embarrassing to say….but somewhere I actually grew up.  I’m not ashamed to admit I like that “Call Me Maybe” song.  I don’t know who sings it.  I don’t care.  I just know that her mp3 is inside my smart phone and I can listen to it when I want to.

I worry….I worry a lot.  I used to be a real jerk…maybe I still am.  I never really paid attention in school because I just wanted to make people laugh.  Now I’m obsessed with knowledge, I have become a news junkie and I really try to think of others before myself (I’ll admit that I’m not really fond of that).  I love sports bars for two reasons….I love sports and I love beer.  I ride a Harley, have a few crazy tattoos and I really believe the government does not have our best interests in mind.  I was a selfish boyfriend/husband and now that I have my act together I couldn’t care less about dating.  I’ve made more mistakes in life than you have but I also know that has provided me with incredible stories.

Many nice people have offered me jobs in great cities playing ten songs an hour,  I’d be able to make great money but would it be fair to them or more importantly to who I am and what I want to do to take that job?  Integrity has become important to me.  I can’t lie to them and I can’t lie to myself.  All these “experts” will say ‘People wanna hear music.’  Really?  I think they are wrong. People want to communicate.  They want to be heard.  People want to contribute.  How much music are you getting on facebook?  How many songs are played on Twitter?  I’m not down on radio at all.  I see an INCREDIBLE opportunity.  Radio needs to ENGAGE the listener.  React in some way.  Laugh, agree, disagree, get mad,think back to a memory, relate, learn something….I’m rambling now but I guess this is more like one of those word documents ya get in a holiday card every year that tells ya what that status of someone’s family is.  This is where I came from, this is what I am about,and this is where I am determined to go.   Thanks for reading. 🙂

The ass-hat that is pictured to the left has a legal name of Metta World Peace.  His birth name was Ron Artest but evidently that wasn’t acceptable for this clown so he legally changed his name in September of 2011.  Metta…or World Peace….or Mr. Peace…..whatever ya wanna call this dipstick should simply change his name to what best describes him:  Big A$$hole!  He has been suspended from the NBA for seven games for throwing an elbow into the face of an opponent.  It wasn’t even close to being  accidental and it certainly wasn’t something you would expect from a guy that took the legal last name of “World Peace.”  See video HERE.

This name changing thing has become quite common among athletes.  I understand it when it has to do with a change in religion like Muhammad Ali or Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar but I think your credibility takes a hit when you change your name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco.  I can understand not liking your name and feeling a need to change it if it was Howie Feltersnatch but if swimmer Misty Hyman can refrain from changing HER name then I think Prince…or LoveSymbol…or whatever he thinks his name should be…. ought to get back on stage and sing “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Perhaps the biggest offender of the name change thing is Sean Combs.  Compared to MY last name this is a walk in the park.  You never get to experience the look of confusion on the face of the lady at the doctor’s office when she opens the door to the waiting room to call your name when it’s “Combs.”  So far Sean Combs has changed his name to Puff Daddy, P-Diddy and just plain old Diddy.  How ridiculous is this?  Ya wanna impress me?   Change your name to “P-Myself” so we all can have a good laugh when you appear on the Tonight Show and they announce your name next to Dame Helen Mirren.   I could go on all day but I have a call holding from a Dixie Recht.

The guy pictured to the left is former quarterback Joe Theisman.  He used to play for the Washington Redskins and at one time was in a long-term relationship with Cathy Lee Crosby.  I have weird sleeping patterns and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I  see all kinds of silly commercials for all kinds of silly products.  Joe Theisman is currently pitching a product called “Super Beta Prostate.”  You MUST watch the video for this product and listen to Joe share with all of us the reason why he needs it.  Click to see video HERE.

Joe now does play-by-play of NFL games and according to this video the first thing he does when he enters a stadium is find the closest bathroom in case he has that “sudden urge to go.”  Did he actually negotiate that in his contract?  Now when I listen to his play-by-play and I don’t hear him for 30 seconds am I supposed to wonder if it’s because his “prostate is giving him fits?”  How about the doctor in this video that actually asks “do ya wanna stronger urine flow?”  Look….I have a lot of things on my bucket list….a stronger urine flow is not one of them.  Where does that come in handy?  I don’t see myself fighting off potential gropers in a Turkish bath with my “stronger urine flow.”

Joe actually says, “My wife and I sleep better and I wake up feeling younger.”  I’m sure she DOES sleep better.  It’s hard to relax and go to sleep not knowing if there is gonna be an eruption from a urine geyser.  Too bad he wasn’t a spokesman for this product during his playing days.  Who would wanna tackle him???  He’d be running all over the field looking like he was a broken sprinkler head.

I’m  still a fan of Joe Theisman but I can assure ya one thing; IF I ever meet him I won’t be shaking his hand!

So the jackpot on Mega Millions is up to an estimated $640 million!  My question is do you REALLY wanna win this?  Chances are that if you are reading this you probably have a full set of teeth, can do simple math, and realize that Pearl Harbor is NOT located in Boston.  There is also a pretty good chance that if you played Mega Millions this weekend then you are after the jackpot and NOT a regular lottery player.

Let’s discuss this regular lottery player.  He/She likes to parade around in sandals with socks.  Wherever they DO work they can’t be offering a dental plan because their teeth resemble a worn out rake.  I’m pretty much positive that they floss with rope.  They stand in line on a mission.  Nothing is gonna get through them, their coffee stained sweatpants, and their already filled out Mega Millions card.  The cliff note version of the game is ya gotta pick six numbers.  Basically one number for every illegitimate child a seasoned lottery player has.  One of the numbers has to be the “Mega Ball.”  Again it’s called a  “Mega Ball” not to be confused with a “smegma ball” which I assume every regular male lottery player is in possession of.

Now that we all can agree on the stereotypical lottery player how can we NOT pray that he or she isn’t the winner.  We’re not talking about anyone that is gonna give Warren Buffet a run for his money. Once they take the lump sum (and why wouldn’t ya), get ready for the biggest Wal-Mart shopping spree in history!  Everyone in the family gets a new CB radio.  Watch the profits of John Deere soar.  I can’t wait for the magical moment when Mom breaks the news to her nine kids:  “Put on your best wife-beater…the one without the spaghetti sauce stain, we finally going to SUPER Target!!!”  How about that great moment when she calls her sister in Kentucky to break the news?  “Mary Lou?  We be millionaires!!  Tell that husband of yours and cousin of mine that we are gonna get him a fake leg made out of cherry wood.  That way his knee won’t get warm standing round the bonfire in the fall.”

I’d say more but the drawing is almost here.  I need to get my tickets, a 12-pack of Natural Light and some Redman!