The ass-hat that is pictured to the left has a legal name of Metta World Peace.  His birth name was Ron Artest but evidently that wasn’t acceptable for this clown so he legally changed his name in September of 2011.  Metta…or World Peace….or Mr. Peace…..whatever ya wanna call this dipstick should simply change his name to what best describes him:  Big A$$hole!  He has been suspended from the NBA for seven games for throwing an elbow into the face of an opponent.  It wasn’t even close to being  accidental and it certainly wasn’t something you would expect from a guy that took the legal last name of “World Peace.”  See video HERE.

This name changing thing has become quite common among athletes.  I understand it when it has to do with a change in religion like Muhammad Ali or Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar but I think your credibility takes a hit when you change your name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco.  I can understand not liking your name and feeling a need to change it if it was Howie Feltersnatch but if swimmer Misty Hyman can refrain from changing HER name then I think Prince…or LoveSymbol…or whatever he thinks his name should be…. ought to get back on stage and sing “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Perhaps the biggest offender of the name change thing is Sean Combs.  Compared to MY last name this is a walk in the park.  You never get to experience the look of confusion on the face of the lady at the doctor’s office when she opens the door to the waiting room to call your name when it’s “Combs.”  So far Sean Combs has changed his name to Puff Daddy, P-Diddy and just plain old Diddy.  How ridiculous is this?  Ya wanna impress me?   Change your name to “P-Myself” so we all can have a good laugh when you appear on the Tonight Show and they announce your name next to Dame Helen Mirren.   I could go on all day but I have a call holding from a Dixie Recht.