I hate to waste time and I love social media.  Talk about two worlds colliding.  I try to post things that will be of interest to others or something that will spark a compelling thread.  Having said that I would like to address three issues:

1)  I DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY GAMES:  Just because you are successful in Farmville doesn’t mean you can relocate to the midwest and grow wheat for a living.  I don’t care if your black cow ran away because guess what…YOU DON’T HAVE A BLACK COW!!!  You’re not in the mafia either so don’t invite me to this so-called “war” you think you’re involved in.

2)  THE PEOPLE LISTED TO THE LEFT ARE JUST FRIENDS:  Don’t tell me we are all in a strip bar or on a school bus or going on a road trip and I have to match up the random friend with something they are supposedly doing.  If I want to think about something that will NEVER happen let me wonder about winning the lottery.

3)  A SONG IS A SONG ITS NOT YOUR STATUS!  I hate when I’m watching my news feed and someone posts “Do you like sugar?  One lump or two?  Did I miss my name getting called for karaoke?  Am I supposed to be onstage singing a Def Leppard song?  The answer is “no” and “no.”  Posting song lyrics as your status tells me this: “You’re a loser baby…..”

I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Time to be productive with the rest of my day.  I’m gonna grab my iPhone and play Words With Friends.  Have a great weekend!