I’m not sure if this is something indigenous to South Florida but it seems that at EVERY street corner there is a guy spinning a sign.  If I want a sub sandwich I pretty much know where I am going to go and pretty much know what I want on it.  If some guy with a Subway sign is bouncing it off his body like Medowlark Lemon that’s not gonna affect my thought process if I desire a sandwich or not.  Aren’t you actually AFRAID of the person that reacts to this type of marketing?

Be the husband that comes home and says “Honey..sorry I’m late.  I saw a guy spinning a sign for ‘Commander Place’ so I signed a one year lease on a two bedroom.  He was such an impressive spinner.  Tell the kids.”  Do ya wanna be married to this master of his own free will?

I can only imagine what my father would think of these sign spinners if he were alive today.  This is a man who bought an issue of Consumer Reports to decide if he should subscribe to Consumer Reports.  When he purchased a new washing machine it took twenty hours of research at his workbench in the basement.  He came upstairs like Grandpa Munster confident that his selection of the Maytag was the best (it ALWAYS was the Maytag with him).  Sign Spinners???  He would laugh, look at me and say “Twenty points!  Thirty if when I run him over he still is holding the sign.”  Of course before we pulled in the drive he would add the following; “Don’t tell your mother!!!”   In the meantime I’ll try to ignore these distractions of society but if the scoring system increases to fifty points…I just might play Dad’s game!