EVERY time there is a hurricane out come the weather asshats.  Irene is quickly becoming a Category 4 storm and I can already see the geeks at the weather channel licking their chops.

Jim Cantore has made a living off tethering himself to a flagpole, standing on the beach in 100 mph winds, wearing an “old man by the sea” rain coat, and attempting to walk into the wind.  This makes about as much sense as a pay toilet in a diarrhea war.  Even in prehistoric times we could count on the cave man to drag his knuckles towards shelter when a thunderstorm was approaching so just what the hell is Jim Cantore doing?

I can see Jim Cantore right now boarding a plane to Charleston thinking to himself “Man..it’s been a long time since I walked into hurricane force wins.  This time I might do it holding a nine-iron.  GAME ON!”  Well think of it this way, Gilligan:  People live in these places.  Will you be there handing out water and ice to the thousands that have no power and had part of their lives destroyed?  No…you’ll be back at the Weather Channel waiting for the next tropical system to play in.

I hope Irene skirts the Carolinas but if not I’ll be cheering for that big gust of wind to suck those weather geeks off the teather pole and into the ocean.  It’ll make for a hell of a promo!