Let me start by apologizing for not posting in a month.  I had a severe respiratory infection that left me on my back for five weeks and without a voice for three weeks.  With that out of the way let’s talk about the first day of school.

My mother dressed me with one purpose in mind:  Make sure my son gets his ass kicked on the playground I looked like a game show host at the age of five.  I had Florsheim shoes, knit slacks that were cuffed, an undershirt and a button down collared shirt.  I dressed better at five than I do now.

Mrs. Munson was my kindergarten teacher at Zellars Elementary.  They had all kinds of cool toys to choose from.  I chose a seven piece puzzle.  David Lurkey also wanted the puzzle I chose and he tried to take it from me.  I handled it like any five-year old would–I punched that little p##ck in the nose.  David Lurkey had cool clothes.  The girls liked David Lurkey.  That’s all fine and good but little David Lurkey got knocked out by a five-year old wanna-be “Match Game” host who wasn’t gonna let go of his puzzle.  See if YOUR mom can get blood out of your cool clothes like my mom can repair a hole in my nerdy knit slacks.

That was a long time ago but not much has changed.  I still dress like s**t, I am surrounded by a bunch of “David Lurkey’s here in South Florida but I also promise you this.  Try to take what is mine….and I will react the same way.  Sorry Mrs. Munson…it’s just the way I am.  🙂