I’m not sure if its something in the water here in Florida or all the stupid people in the world got a memo and were told to move here but the Stooge routine continues.  Once again Jesus has returned.  Once again it is here in Florida.  Once again He has chosen to make his return in a pile of wood.  This time its in Jensen Beach in a set of wooden dock pilings.  STORY HERE

What about the Jesus that returns in a waffle you ask?  False prophets you non-believers.  Didn’t you see the verse in Revelation where the Son of Man will only return in a tree knot, a two by four or piece of plywood?

Let’s just say I’m having coffee on my porch and I look at my palm tree.  Let’s say I find a part of the tree that looks like a member of ZZ Top or the Messiah.  I may chuckle and put a little Jameson in my next cup but the last thing I’m gonna do is pick up the phone and call a TV station.  “Hello TV 25?  Jesus is here in my fantail palm tree.  Send the perky blonde reporter right out of college that won’t laugh in my face and ask how long I’ve been an idiot.  Thanks!!!!”

Look people…stop looking for Jesus in trees….you’re wasting your time and missing the Loch Ness Monster swimming in your lake!