I don’t think there is a bigger oxy-moron in the world than “reality TV-star.”  How many “real housewives” can we have?  My parents got divorced when I was thirteen.  I lived with my mother.  She was out of work for ten months and she did everything she could to save the house.  I never suffered and she eventually got back on her feet.  She taught herself drafting and eventually worked her way back into the credit field where she continues to work today.  That’s a REAL housewife.

I challenge these surgically enhanced bimbos to take off their Jimmy Choos and press their fake hooters into a sports bra and go outside and mow the lawn like my mother did.  Once these narcissistic floozies get on TV they actually believe they have talent.  Danielle Staub is one of those H20 heads that thought she could SING!  You must check out her performance HERE.

Don’t get me started on Teen Mom.  When I was in high school if ya got pregnant you went away for the summer.  If you broke the law then you went to reform school.  Double up on those two now and you’re a TV star.

We should have learned when Survivor gave us our first reality TV-star in Richard Hatch.  The guy was best known as “the naked fat guy.”   He won the contest, got a million bucks, didn’t pay taxes, and went to jail.  Too bad they didn’t put a camera in his cell.  Now THAT would be reality TV!!!