So the Royal Wedding is happening later this week.  Personally I’d rather be watching a yawning festival but the big news is Kate has decided to remove the word “obey” from the wedding vows.  SEE STORY HERE  Is this REALLY  big news?

Guys I don’t know about you, but I think it’s easier to train a pit bull in a sausage factory than get a woman to “obey” you.  I’d love to hear from a guy, (that was told by his wife for the fourth time in five minutes to mow the lawn), how he invoked the “obey” clause in his wedding vows.  I assume the exchange would probably go like this: 

 GUY:  “Sorry babe.  Not really feeling up to it right now while the game is on.  I would like another cold one and would ya mind turning the brats on the grill?  I don’t think I have to remind you of the obey clause in the wedding vows you agreed to.”

WOMAN:  (SFX)  BANG!!!!  (Nothing would be said in return because nothing would make the impact like the cast iron frying pan she would impale over your head).

Upon further review I believe it is us men that have subconsciously adopted the obey clause.  You wanna see fear in the eyes of a grown man?  All a woman has to do is this:   Come home early on a Saturday, find out your “honey-do” list is not complete, then text your man wanting to know where he is.  Every weekend I see at least four guys grab their iPhone, clutch their chest, and run out of the sports bar after receiving such a text.

So to the future King I can only offer this advice:  Make sure cable in the castle gets both the Oxygen and Lifetime channels.  You may wear the crown but she will always wear the pants.