I’m a news junkie.  I make sure to pay attention to what is trending on the web and what others are concerned with.  I had to do a double take when I noticed one of the top stories is that teen-age singer Rebecca Black is under police protection after receiving numerous death threats.  READ STORY HERE.

If you have a life you probably don’t know who this chick is.  Cliff note version:  Parents paid $4k for her crappy “Friday Song” to be turned into a video.  110 million people have seen it.  She’s a viral superstar and many claim the song is “the worst song ever.”  WATCH VIDEO HERE

The song IS irritating but if writing a crappy song was grounds for being shot, Bobby McFerrin would have met his maker back in 1988.  My late father had a saying:  “Get your priorities straight!”  Unless this country takes dad’s advice I am afraid we need to look for the headless horseman to be on a future season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Forty-five percent of our nation’s population doesn’t pay income tax.  Gas is close to five dollars a gallon.  We have accumulated an almost insurmountable federal deficit.  Foreclosures continue at an alarming rate and we are concerned with a crappy song/video financed by a couple of stage parents that only wanna make their daughter and her pimply faced friends happy???

Things gotta change or I’m shooting my foot and moving to Canada.  Who cares if their Navy is made up of one boat and three flare guns.  This is getting crazy!