I was reading a story this morning about an eighteen year-old senior that is not allowed to take his nineteen year-old girlfriend to the prom because she is too old.  Read story HERE. I think everyone has experienced “old guy at the prom” and chances are YOU remember his name.

Another constant is the “super hot chick that’s too cool to date anyone from the school.”  In my case she was dating the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns but he knew better than to come to the prom so my memory of “old guy at the prom” belongs to Rick Davis.

Rick had another title as well:  “Guy whose house you would go over just to get him to buy ya beer.”  We made many trips to Rick’s house and even played a few hands of gin rummy with his parents but the only motivation we had in making the stop was to get him to run up to the beverage store and buy us a case of Little Kings.

Rick was twenty-three years old but to a high school senior you may as well be on television endorsing reverse mortgages.  It’s funny how I don’t remember much from my high school prom but the vision of Rick Davis doing the funky chicken to the Human Leagues “Don’t You Want Me” is permanently emblazoned in my subconscious. 

 So this prom season I offer ya this piece of advice:  If you 1) are married, 2) have a college degree or 3) have more than five thousand dollars in your 401-K; stay home and let the kids have their fun.