Everyone is talking about the six year old girl that received a full body pat down by the TSA in New Orleans.  See story HERE.  Watch disturbing video HERE.

Sorry, but I’m gonna have to come to the defense of the TSA here.  The agent was only doing her job based on the procedures that are already in place and approved by the TSA.  THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!

Don’t fault the worker for doing her job the problem lies with the morons that approved such procedures.  I hate to fly to begin with but I am willing to take my chances and assume a six-year-old is not hiding some C-4 in her Hello Kitty carry-on.

If two consenting adults did in public what the TSA is instructed to do to law-abiding citizens attempting to travel, they would be arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.  I remember my grandmother when she was seventy-five.  The only threat inside her brassiere was, after six kids, one of her boobs may fall out and knock over the drink cart.

There has to be a better solution than what is happening right now but don’t misplace your anger.  Focus on the cause and not the effect.  Go to the top.  Those responsible are the ones in need of a full body scan to see if they are in possession of ANY common sense whatsoever.