I’m a social media junkie.  Find me HERE on facebook.  Follow me HERE on Twitter.  As I was surfing the net today I found a site that will predict your next tweet based on the DNA of previous tweets.  The site is HERE.

I thought I would see what happens and here is the post I was supposed to tweet:  I’m driving heather INSANE. : I can never applied Ben gay bar When people are LOSERS!

Now I’ll admit that is an interesting tweet but there are a few inaccuracies:  1)  I don’t know any Heathers  2)   You can’t drive someone crazy, they are already crazy and you just may push them over the edge and 3) I HAVE been to a gay bar and given the choice I would rather bask in the warm glow of Ben Gay the analgesic.

I look at Twitter like I do a break on the radio.  Your tweet should do one of three things:  1)  Make me laugh  2)  Make me learn something or  3)Call me to some sort of action.  Based on the many tweets I see during the day people don’t follow these rules and that will make someone “unfollow you.”  The “unfollowing” in Twitter is the same as changing stations in the radio business.  Either outcome is not desired.

Just some of the things I have learned with my short time on Twitter. Will YOU offer suggestions to ME?  Now I’m off to make some food so I can tweet a picture of it before I eat it (someone wanna explain that logic to me?)  🙂