I was reading the facebook status of a friend of mine this morning:  “Exhausted and sore after yoga.”  I laughed.  Every time I see someone doing yoga they are just sitting there.  I can walk downtown and step over a half-dozen bodies doing the same thing.  They call that “passed out drunk.”  So either yoga leads to being homeless or I am missing something.

Next move was to YouTube to find a yoga video.  The one I selected a woman appeared on my screen telling me we would be doing a series of “breathing and stretching” exercises.  My first thought was : “Memo to self.  Never refer to it as ‘getting out of bed in the morning.’  You are doing YOGA!”

As I tried to mimic the poses and instructions of the limber lady on my computer screen, reality hit me harder than Chris Brown.  My heart rate increased, sweat was dripping down my forehead, and I was hoping I wouldn’t have a heart attack because they would find me in my Armour All boxers with my left foot above my head.  “We wonder why he watched all those David Carridine movies,” they would say.  (If ya don’t get the joke:  CLICK HERE).

I usually think I’m right but I don’t have a problem admitting when I am wrong.  I was DEAD wrong about Yoga.  It IS a workout and one not to be taken lightly.  I know that first hand as I’m too sore to reach my Ben-Gay.  When I’m able to walk without looking like I passed out at Richard Simmons’ house (visual joke), I’ll let ya know what I think about those sissies that think they’re working out if they’re “spinning.”