We are currently on a countdown to the shutdown of our government.  When this happened at my local Blockbuster I was able to buy five DVD’s for less than twenty bucks so does that mean I will soon find the White House china on eBay?

Is this the same government that demands payment of personal income tax by the fifteenth of April every year or you face a monetary penalty?  My father will never be confused with Warren Buffett but he always told me this:  Save ten percent of your gross earnings and never spend more than you bring home. 

 How come my father knows more than my government?  He could fix a washing machine and tear apart a car engine but he would be OVERWHELMED if he was running the government.  The fact that he would be BETTER at it than our current leaders tells me what kind of stooge routine is happening on Capital Hill.  When will Larry, Curly and Moe show up and start a pie fight.

If this was happening to any business in our country the entire management team would be thrown out on the street.  I think the blame falls on everyone in Washington with a starched shirt and Ward Cleaver hair.  This is not a party issue this is a money issue.  Put the ego on the back burner and fix it or WE will make OUR adjustments in November.