I’m on facebook a lot.  I try to make my posts meaningful.  I’ll never make my status update a picture of an entre’ of food I’m about to consume or quote a lyric from a song.  This isn’t the Food Network and we’re not playing a round of “Name That Tune.”  I’m also a “black and white” type of guy.  It’s the grey in our lives that leads to stress and uncertainty. 

So let’s address your social status on facebook:  In my opinion you are either single, married or in a relationship.  Ever since I signed up for facebook I have been bothered by the status of “it’s complicated.”  The directions for assembling a gas grill are complicated.  Your relationship status should be fairly easy to label.  So I’ve had no choice but to assume that “it’s complicated” means one of three things:

1) WE ARE FIGHTING:  Disagreements happen all the time.  Communication is the key and you’re not gonna solve the problem by letting me know your husband has to sleep on the couch because he hit “like” on a former girlfriend’s status.  Wanna share something personal?  Send me your checking account routing number.

2)  YOU’RE DATING SOMEONE MARRIED:  If you made your profile picture one of you and your boyfriend, who also happens to have a wife and kids, that would “complicate” many issues in many lives.  Therefore, “it’s complicated,” is a good choice in status.

3)  THERE IS MORE THAN ONE PERSON IN YOUR BED:  Imagine you are dating.  Imagine being at that person’s house.  Now imagine finding a pair of underwear, a cat of nine tails and a rubber Nixon mask in their closet that doesn’t belong to either one of you.  I would say that particular explanation would be fairly “complicated.”

So unless YOU want ME to think of one of the three preceeding situations about YOUR relationship, let’s eliminate the grey.  🙂