I don’t know it all and I never will.  In fact the important lessons I have learned in life have happened recently.  I think the reason is because I actually stopped, looking around, and took notice of things happening in and around me other than myself.  My battle with narcissism is something that will never cease but I can offer three bullet points to keep in mind to make a good first impression and make others like you.

1)  LAUGH AT YOURSELF:  In the words of my late father,”Sometimes life will s**t on you.”  Ya gotta be able to move on.  Self deprecation is such an endearing quality.  If you can laugh at yourself others will laugh with you.

2)  TAKE AN INTEREST IN WHAT MATTERS TO OTHERS:  We all are dealing with a lot on a daily basis.  Recently a friend of mine was worried about his mother.  She was going in for tests on her pancreas in a week.  I never met his mother but I made sure to make a note on my calender to ask how she was doing.  This is something I wouldn’t have done a year ago.

3)  HAVE FUN AND BE FUN:  No matter always can be worse.  The greatest gift my father gave me was what he taught me in his death.  Our time here is short.  We don’t know when we will be given our personal “last call,” so don’t let the little things get to you.  You came into this world crying…doesn’t it make sense to go out laughing?