Posted: March 23, 2011 in Current Events

No doubt the biggest story today will be the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.  I purposefully waited a couple of hours to post my thoughts so I could see how various news agencies would report her passing.  They all had one word in common:  “Legendary.”

She won just as many Academy Awards as Jodie Foster and Hillary Swank but no one will refer to those ladies as “legendary.”  Elizabeth Taylor took risks.  She became a highly visible AIDS activist when no one would even speak of the disease.  She embraced her faults.  She broke her back FIVE times and had both of her hips replaced.  She stood by Michael Jackson when he went through his child molestation trial in 2005.  She even married LARRY FORTENSKY!!

So what’s the point?  I think we all can learn something from her life.  What are WE doing TODAY to make ourselves legendary?  I’m not saying we all can reach her celebrity status, that would be unrealistic.  We can take a risk, work on our weaknesses and try a little harder.  We may not succeed with every attempt but remember you must experience defeat in order to celebrate the victory.

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