So I’m reading this morning about the huge temper tantrum Chris Brown had at Good Morning America.  If ya don’t know the story CLICK HERE  I never understood that response from men.  My father used to tell me “It takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight.”  He never added “and make sure you rip your shirt off.”

I think we all have seen a tense situation at a bar where two guys exchange words and then one of them rips his shirt off and says something like “Ya wanna piece of me?”  The irony to me is that if you take away the decibel level and leave the shirt ripping and verbal inquiry; I believe that would qualify as a homosexual pass.

I apologize on behalf of my gender for this moronic display of testosterone, however, being an individual that supports equal rights; the next time you ladies have an altercation with another of your gender…..rip that shirt off and yell:  YA WANNA PIECE OF ME????