I think we ALL have worked for at least one idiot.  I once asked on facebook “Do you think stupid people know they are stupid?”  The overwhelming response was “NO!”  So why would you want to lower yourself and your reputation by responding on their level?

An idiot can only hide their lack of intelligence for so long.  Eventually stupidity will shine through like the rising of the morning sun.  No where is it written that YOU have to be the crusader of unveiling those that don’t sip from the fountain of common sense. 

My grandfather gave me great advice when I was ten years old and we were on a canoe trip.  It was fairly primitive but you can apply it to so many things that will happen in your day.  He said “When you are walking on a sidewalk and ya see a piece of dog sh*t, walk AROUND it and not THROUGH it.”  Hopefully I’ll keep that in mind when I step outside today.  🙂