So I’m sitting on my couch after a long weekend and this commercial comes on that just spoke to me.  First some background:  I have a HE front loading washing machine.  I have to buy special detergent.  I’ve noticed lately that there is a musty smell from my clean clothes.  This has cause me great despair.

Back to the couch now:  This NORMAL looking woman comes on my TV set and she has the same problem yet she offers me the solution.  TIDE makes a product that will address the problem and make my machine smell like new.  I am excited.  I relate to this woman because she looks like an everyday person that has done their fair share of laundry.  She has a problem that I have and she has offered me a solution.  If a super model was hawking this product I wouldn’t relate and I wouldn’t find the message to be credible.

As soon as I finish my blog I’m actually going out to the store to buy this product.  I either need more excitement in my life or this commercial really cut through.  The litmus test will be the results of the product.  If you can relate to someone you can make a connection.  You can turn that connection into credibility if you follow through on what you promise.

Here’s hoping that TIDE Washing Machine Cleaner will work.  I don’t want the pimply faced teenager working the customer service counter at my grocery store to see me back tomorrow explaining that the woman on TV lied to me!!!