I was having a conversation with a friend that was dropped as a friend on facebook.  You can see how ridiculous this post is going to be based on that very first sentence.  I was yelled at recently because I unfollowed someone on Twitter.  I was also BLOCKED by two people I once worked with.  The next thing I wondered was were these people going to get together one weekend night and come over and toilet paper my house?

Now I understand dropping someone or blocking someone if their last name is Bundy and their first name is Ted but if you are doing this because things didn’t go your way or ya got into a disagreement then what really makes you different from the kid on the playground giving another kid a wedgie at recess.

There is another argument I hear all the time:  Should I be facebook friends with someone I work with?  I say yes.  It’s part of being a team player.  If they drop or block you down the road then you can sit back and laugh knowing they are probably just unhappy in their wet diaper.

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