I haven’t watched a full episode of THE BACHELOR since it first came on the air.  I will admit that I would tune in for the rose ceremony so I could watch these Jeopardy finalists in need of a lithium drip break down on national TV because they didn’t receive a flower from some HIMBO and they’re forced to go back home and manage the tanning salon.

Ooooooh who will Brad choose?  Emily?  Chantal?  Someone pinch me I think I’m going to faint.  Now the news is that Brad and Emily aren’t even together any more.  Well let me put on my shocked face.  Seems Emily was having trust issues after seeing Brad make out in the hot tub with a different girl every commercial break.  Did this mensa member watch the show?  I actually went into some of the “chat rooms” to see how the “fans” would  handle this devastating news.  People were upset.  They felt they were misled.  I wish I was making this up.  This is why I worry for the future of mankind.

I think that if you agree to go on TV looking for your soul mate you should be FORCED to not only get married at the end of the show but STAY married to that person for at least ten years AND ABC gets to put a few web cams in your house.  Now THAT would be reality TV!!!!