A friend of mine works on the radio and she called me this morning frustrated about her work situation.  She said “I just can’t have a conversation with this guy OFF the air so how can I have a conversation with him ON the air?” I had to laugh because this was probably the third time in two weeks I had this conversation with someone.   My answer is simple:  YOU CAN’T!!

I have told numerous people “you can’t fake chemistry.”  Chemistry is something that just happens.  It’s not something that will evolve by throwing three people in a studio and telling them to “do a show.”  If someone just wants to read People and US Weekly all the time how do expect to have a conversation with them about the crisis in Japan and the happenings in Libya?

The secret to a GREAT  personality is one that knows a little about a lot.  A few months ago Sirius rebroadcast the 9-11-01 Howard Stern Show.  Think what you may about Howard but he is an AMAZING personality.  The way he handled that situation was far better than any of the “talking heads” on TV.  He even mentioned Osama Bin Laden as the chief suspect way before any political expert did.

So look at YOUR morning show on your station.  If it doesn’t have chemistry now it never will.  Make it right or they will take it down.