Posted: March 12, 2011 in Current Events

So I’m surfing the net this morning and I found a story that seems to pop up every month.  JESUS HAS RETURNED!!!  One would assume he would return to the Vatican where they would give him a nice place to stay and He’d expect some answers from the Pope about how come so many priests chase altar boys around like a three-year old chases balloons.  According to this article Jesus has decided to return to a tree in a small town in Virginia.

Let me just explain something:  We don’t even know what Jesus looks like.  If you believe what the media shows ya as the face of Jesus why aren’t u washing the feet of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger.  Jesus may never return but I do know this:  It won’t be on the back of an iron, or in a tree, or on a potato chip or on the birthmark of former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbechev (I think that’s a grape juice stain anyhow.

Ya wanna do something that Jesus would like?  Help out the victims of the Japanese earthquake.  You can do that by CLICKING HERE.

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