Posted: March 11, 2011 in Current Events

There was a study recently that showed that women who have a lot of profile pictures posted on facebook tend to be needy.  That makes sense but how many is too many?  Does it also matter what the profile picture is?  If ya have ten pictures and in each one of them you are making that “duck face” then I think that’s worse than twenty pictures of you taking a picture of yourself standing in front of a mirror with an iPhone.

While I’m on a rant let me speak to the guys that insist on making their profile picture one that is “shirtless.”  Unless you are trying to nail down that photo shoot with Hanes, PUT YOUR FREAKING SHIRT BACK ON!!  Most women that see a guy shirtless on facebook think of two words:  douche bag.  So let’s put our shirts back on and show our teeth when we smile.  There is a reason all the letters in REAL are also in RELATABLE.

  1. Steve Wall says:

    Love this, because it’s so true! Danny, I’ve always been a big fan of yours and loved getting your daily prep for years. Keep up the great work! I’m sure your fans are loving this new website, have you thought of launching a web radio show yet?

  2. I am open to any and all suggestions. My agent has numerous opportunities in the works. I’m just not sure on what direction to head.

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