I’m an addict.  I’ll admit it.  I am addicted to my iPhone.  It truly is the one thing I can’t live without because it does everything that I enjoy.  I can watch TV.  I can surf the web.  I can listen to music.  I can e-mail.  I can place a bet.  I can pay my bills. I can tweet.  I can check my facebook.  I can check in on Four Square.  The one thing I wish it didn’t do is accept calls  :).

Last week I was with my girlfriend in St. Augustine.  We were sitting outside by the pool and I noticed a tall building with some people on the roof.  She said “I wish I had some binoculars so I can see what is going on up there.”  Immediately I felt my addiction.  “There has to be an app for that,” I said.  Sure enough there was and I downloaded it.  Don’t believe me?  CLICK HERE

So what can you learn from the ramblings of this lunatic?  If you have a product….ANY PRODUCT…. make sure it is accessible through a smart phone.  Fingers choose and if your business/product is inside the phone the consumer holds then you are one step closer to being chosen.