The Charlie Sheen media circus peaked for me this past weekend.  In my opinion it was because he didn’t live up to the hype.  I know he was on every single TV show.  Every magazine has him on the cover.  Will the same be said in two weeks?  Absolutely not.  For me. the peak of the Sheen hysteria was when he tweeted to tune Saturday night at 10PM for Sheen’s Korner.  Charlie was taking you inside his house.  Charlie was taking over the internet.  I made sure to be home at 10PM and I tuned in.  There were bandwidth problems and everyone kept getting knocked off.  High volume..I get it.  I still thought if I didn’t see this then I was missing something.  I got up on Sunday morning and found the hour-long show on the internet and I eagerly clicked play.  What the f**k is this?  Those were my first thoughts ten minutes into it.  If you’re gonna make the noise then back up the hype.  Have something planned.  Show people your house.  Show us something that hasn’t been seen or heard in previous interviews.  Have your “goddesses” compete in current events trivia.  Set up an obstacle course in your house.  Do ANYTHING but sit in your office with a bunch of hangers-on laughing at everything you say.  Is this YOUR morning show.  Do they back up the hype?  If not…you’re probably not winning…or you’ll be losing very soon.