Passion is not just for lovers.  Passion is a key ingredient for success in your station’s morning show.  Does your morning show volunteer to go on a sales call when a client isn’t sure if they will buy your radio station?  Does your morning show eagerly volunteer to host an appearance that will put them in front of potential new listeners but will not pay them a talent fee?  Does your morning help brainstorm a sales promotion that will actually benefit the programming department by making turning the promotion into something that isn’t “clutter?”  If you answered “no” to any of these questions then you need to question the “passion” that your morning team has, or in this case, severely lacks.

Radio is a fun business but the bottom line is it’s still a business.  The great thing about passion is it is highly contagious.  Show me a station that has passion in the halls and I will show you a winning station.  Does YOUR station have the passion?