RESPECT!  You have to have mutual respect on the show in order for EVERYONE to get along.  Having said that everyone needs to know their role.  Their HAS to be a leader.  That is more often than not the show’s anchor.  Not everyone can be an anchor.  I have been on a few shows where the supporting players believed THEY could anchor the show.  If you have someone who wants to be an anchor they need to move on because their focus will NOT be on their role of the current show.  This is not to say that the show’s anchor is the “say all” and “be all” of the show.  He/she needs to take suggestions from the rest of the show but the others cannot be offended if their suggestions are not used every time.  I have been on many shows.  I have been on very successful shows.  Some of my best friends are from my previous shows and some people from previous shows I rarely talk to today.  So what is the secret?  It’s simple:  Your morning show does not have to be best friends but they HAVE to get along.  If someone doesn’t know their role they need to move on.  Bottom line is radio is a big business and the company doesn’t have the time for silly fights.  So remember…either get along..or get out!