Something has happened to me within the past year……I just don’t give a shit anymore.  Now don’t assume that I don’t care because that is totally different.  I think the greatest strength one can have is to admit and address their greatest weakness.  Looking back at my mistakes in life (and I have made more than most people) I realize that the majority of them were made because I actually gave a shit about what people thought of me (that and too many shots).

When you give a shit you tend to get angry with people that don’t agree with you or question what you say.  Getting dropped as a friend on Facebook is a great example.  There are people out there that react to this action like a loved one was injured in a car crash.  Telemarketers are another great example.  I used to have a meltdown when they would call even though I registered on the “do not call list” (it’s run by our government so why would you expect it to be effective?).  I now look forward to these calls and using my creativity and mind to frustrate them to the point that they raise their voice and/or hang up.  Then I laugh like Vincent Price at the end of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

So what do I care about?  My mother, my faith in God, kindness, empathy, unselfishness, being polite, respecting your elders, TV and cold beer to name a few.  I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I don’t give a shit who ya vote for and I really don’t give a shit what ya made for dinner and posted on Facebook.  I used to have a terrible temper which leads to anger and usually then to yelling or screaming.  We all have done it but step back for a moment and think about when you witness others doing it.  It affects their credibility and even if they are correct they give the impression that they aren’t confident in their opinion.  If they did they would relish in the concept of getting others to, as my father used to say, scream and yell like a “raped ape.”

Now there are situations where you may not give a shit but they suddenly turn into a situation you care about.  A good example of this is those that text and drive.  If they happen to drive off a bridge, land in a canal and become an afternoon snack for an alligator I really don’t give a shit.  If they rear end an innocent party and that person ends up looking like they were arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department then I care.

Life is a strange, unpredictable and a stressful journey.  What you think matters in the moment usually will not matter in the future.  Want to know what really puts everything in perspective?  Bury a parent, a child or anyone you love.  We all are here for a reason and it’s not to have a big house, expensive car, eat at a fancy restaurant or have a three hundred dollar purse (My wallet cost twenty bucks and I think I have six bucks in it and three quarters in my pants…….which I never wear at home).  There ARE bad ideas in brainstorming (think Crystal Pepsi).  People that say “I want you to be honest” really mean “I want you to agree with me.”  I have learned that those that say that to you actually are insecure of their own beliefs and abilities.   Feel free to disagree with me but just know that I really don’t give a shit.

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Hookers, blow, fake viagra and $75K in cash.  Jenny McCarthy mad at the big changes at Playboy Magazine.  Two “A” stars you would never think would skinny-dip together did.  Democratic Presidential candidate Jim Webb is still crying about the debate and Danny drills him again.  Last Podcast of the week with a new show open that has removed all the profanity.  What has happened to Danny?  Just click and listen.

michael-jackson-mugshot1)  MICHAEL JACKSON:  Allegedly the late King of Pop paid $35 million to twenty-four boys to buy their silence of child abuse allegations.  I don’t care if he was a musical genius or not.  If these allegations prove to be true then we must not recognize his musical ability without first being concerned about his alleged cruel and sick actions towards children.

2) ATHLETES THAT COMMIT CRIMES:  I am a huge sports fan but I find it more difficult to cheer on these goons that commit heinous crimes.  Would ya buy a Charles Manson jersey and root for him to write a book or put a painting on Ebay for you to buy?

3)  KIM KARDASHIAN:  Why do we continue to support this narcissistic promiscuous floozy?  She will eventually sell pictures of her child, gave her a stupid name and yet is idolized by millions of teen-age girls?  I only hope these followers wise up and realize she is truly the antithesis of a female role model.

4)  GLOBAL WARMING:  I don’t believe for one second that a styro-foam cup and an aerosol deodorant can is gonna knock this world of its axis and melt the glaciers.  This world has been around for more than a few million years and I don’t think a few plastic water bottles are gonna knock us out of orbit.

5)  PAULA DEAN:  I’m not convinced that she is racist but I am convinced that she believes that black people are not on the same level as white people.  To me it’s simple:  Don’t view people by color or gender; view them by intelligence or stupidity but I have long ago learned that common sense is obtained and not able to be taught.

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Today is the second anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.  Earlier today I posed a question on my facebook page asking my friends how they will remember him.  As you can imagine the results were mixed but everyone had an opinion.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the guy was NOT normal.  Any man other than MJ that would dress like Peter Pan and sit in an oak tree at an amusement park would be taken away by men in white with large butterfly nets and he would then spend a few years in a rubber room weaving baskets out of cooked spaghetti.

Normal people go to the theatre to watch “The Elephant Man.”  They don’t get on eBay, buy his remains and put ’em on display in their rec room so they have something to stare at while their pet chimp is holding the Nintendo controls.

When I go to the doctor I let the nurse take my blood pressure and engage in some small talk before I see the doctor.  I don’t use that time to see if she would be interested in being a portal for my DNA so I could assume custody of our offspring and then cover their faces like they were on the run from Wyatt Earp.

Let’s also not ignore this:  Thirteen number one singles, the greatest selling album of all time, a billion dollars in earnings AFTER his death, and seven more albums YET to come before 2017.  Michael Jackson changed music and he will be remembered as one of the greatest performers of all time.  Maybe we all should embrace our inner crazy a little bit more and see what happens.