Podcast 85: DANNYLAND! The Worst Commercial on TV and More!

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Content, Current Events, Dannyland Podcasts, Entertainment
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Crazy tattoos, Three Things I Don’t Understand, Why Radio Stations Flip to Xmas Music and more!  Just click below to listen.

  1. KLE says:

    Good stuff Danny! That AMC Music award spot made me feel old as well! The Phil Swift [Flex-Seal] ads are irritating. BUT, to me the top spot for most irritating commercial has to go to Neil Patrick Harris doing the “suggestive” Heineken Beer ads, all while continually asking his “grill master buddy” if he can “flip his meat”!! A LONG way from Doogie Howser! Never mind that Harris is openly Gay. I am a live and let live kinda’ guy. I just don’t want it on TV and shoved in my face! Wait, that didn’t sound right … let me rephrase that. That ad will certainly not prompt me to go out and grab a Heine … Wait .. DAMN IT!!! Let me rephrase that again! It certainly will not push me to go out and purchase Heineken beer! THERE! Nuff said!!! -Dr. Hops-

  2. “shoved in my face” is very funny—we are still in 5th grade!!!

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