protestorsI may have done or will do some crazy things in life but I can promise you I will never be involved in a protest.  I just don’t understand the purpose because a bunch of people shouting the same thing and parading around with a bunch of signs aren’t gonna change a law.  It seems to me like a wasted effort….sorta like pissing up a drape.

In order to have what is deemed a “successful” protest you need large groups of people otherwise you won’t attract the attention of the media (and that’s the main purpose of a protest).   If I am standing in line at the grocery store and the machine runs out of register tape I’ll start to have a panic attack so crowds are not my thing.

Protestors like to shout the same things over and over again to make their point.  Isn’t repetition with lack of a lot of content the premise that Sesame Street is built upon.   Talking to a giant yellow bird and someone in a bad mood that lives in a garbage can is also not my idea of a mondo jovial type tundra.

All successful protests also involve signs.  I have made one sign in my life.  I was eight years old and I was selling blackberries that I picked in the woods behind my house.  To this day I am confused by those that stand outside the Today Show studios for hours and hold their home-made signs in front of random cameras  while jumping up and down as if they had just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right.

I believe that people should follow their passion.  If they believe in protesting then I think they should do it peacefully and lawfully just know that it more than likely is not going to do it.  That made me wonder why anyone would put forth what seems to be a futile effort.  Tonight I ran across a news story that makes it a bit more clear to me.  Three Occupy Wall Street protestors received $142K from the NYPD for being attacked.  Please excuse me now…..I’m off to Home Depot.  I have some signs to make.