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What could go wrong at a massage parlor, 3 things I don’t understand, itchy penis and more.  Just click below to listen.

Sanders Clinton

Danny breaks down last nights debate.  His thoughts on gun control and what the media won’t tell ya.  The lie Hillary told that the media missed.  An NBA star is near death after spending three days with a bunch of hookers.  Will Danny ever return to radio?  All this is addressed.  Just click below.


This is what I look like 21 days after legally being declared dead.  Doctors have no explanation why I made it through but I know there is soooooo much more than this.  My freaking mind is exploding and is non-stop.  I think you will hear the difference in my podcast.  I hope you all are well and know that there isn’t anything put in the path of your life that you cannot overcome.  Cherish your family and your friends.  Now…..just click below for the truth.   If ya don’t agree then let me have it.  Political Correctness is a waste of time for all of us.  Thank you for listening and have a great day.

protestorsI may have done or will do some crazy things in life but I can promise you I will never be involved in a protest.  I just don’t understand the purpose because a bunch of people shouting the same thing and parading around with a bunch of signs aren’t gonna change a law.  It seems to me like a wasted effort….sorta like pissing up a drape.

In order to have what is deemed a “successful” protest you need large groups of people otherwise you won’t attract the attention of the media (and that’s the main purpose of a protest).   If I am standing in line at the grocery store and the machine runs out of register tape I’ll start to have a panic attack so crowds are not my thing.

Protestors like to shout the same things over and over again to make their point.  Isn’t repetition with lack of a lot of content the premise that Sesame Street is built upon.   Talking to a giant yellow bird and someone in a bad mood that lives in a garbage can is also not my idea of a mondo jovial type tundra.

All successful protests also involve signs.  I have made one sign in my life.  I was eight years old and I was selling blackberries that I picked in the woods behind my house.  To this day I am confused by those that stand outside the Today Show studios for hours and hold their home-made signs in front of random cameras  while jumping up and down as if they had just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right.

I believe that people should follow their passion.  If they believe in protesting then I think they should do it peacefully and lawfully just know that it more than likely is not going to do it.  That made me wonder why anyone would put forth what seems to be a futile effort.  Tonight I ran across a news story that makes it a bit more clear to me.  Three Occupy Wall Street protestors received $142K from the NYPD for being attacked.  Please excuse me now…..I’m off to Home Depot.  I have some signs to make.

sad americaNorth Korea is responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures and we respond by pulling the movie “The Interview” on Christmas Day.  Really?  When Home Depot let the identities of millions of its customers get hacked did we stop mowing the lawn?  What does this show North Korea?  Simple…..the next time they don’t like something in this country all they have to do is hack and no more updates on why Jennifer Anniston doesn’t wanna have kids.

This country has turned into the marching band geek in high school that takes the long way to their next class because he doesn’t wanna get a wedgie in the bathroom from a classmate that smokes.  Where were these North Korean computer hacks when “Dumb and Dumber Too” came out?  I haven’t been to the movies in about six years but my mother and I were planning on going Christmas Day to see “The Interview” NOT because we wanted to see the movie, we were gonna go just because a bunch or nerds with bad skin and no girlfriends dared us to.

We, as a nation, blew this big time.  We sent a message to potential hackers that if you mess with our X-Box then we are gonna stay home.  For a long time I have said that the next terrorist attack against us will be either poisoning our food supply or taking down power grids.  We have shown that we are not the land of the free and the brave but the home of the wimps and the wussies.  What an insult to any American that has served his or her country.  Terrorists win when you let fear take over.

So what would I have done?   I’d make sure “The Interview” was the ONLY picture playing in theatres on Christmas Day.  I’d wanna see lines outside the movies nationwide.  I’d like to show the world that we ARE leaders and those that lead don’t get into the crawl space in the attic when the bully walks down the neighborhood sidewalk.   We keep saying that we have learned from 9-11 but nothing could be further from the truth.  We are a paranoid nation…..and that paranoia stems from “potential” terrorism.  When do we stop the retreat and return to marching forward?  From what I have been seeing…that opportunity has passed.