psychicSomeone recently told me I should see a psychic to help me in my job search.  I didn’t want to be rude so I just didn’t respond.  A psychic has mastered the art of bullshit.  I don’t blame him/her for what they do and if you wanna throw your money at someone with a Magic 8 ball and a box of incense, by all means do it.

I don’t need a psychic to get a job….my resume speaks for itself but I can’t help but laugh when I see those “California Psychics” advertise on late night TV.  One guy says “My reader told me I was physically active and see’s me owning my own yoga studio one day.”  No shit Einstein you are dressed in a full body running suit with a sweat towel draped around your neck.

Women really seem to enjoy psychics and I think it’s because they make themselves easy to read.  It’s the jewelry.  Birthstone for month they were born, wedding ring or engagement ring for relationship status, heirloom ring usually on right hand.  We’re not talking rocket science here people.   For that matter I must be psychic because I see a nap in my future.