usa SOCCER FANI’m watching the World Cup and I admit it and chances are you are as well….but be honest….the majority of us have not become “fans” of the sport.  We have jumped on the “Bandwagon” and that is something Americans have always loved to do.

Remember the two weeks after 9-11?  Everyone flying the American flag from  their cars and wearing NYPD hats?  President Bush had a 91% approval rating and the two-party system ceased to exist.   We truly were the “United States of America.”  Those days are long gone.  No one can talk politics in a civil matter and we haven’t learned a thing from that tragic day as we continue to stick our nose where it doesn’t belong.

So how does this relate to the World Cup?  The majority of people in this country  aren’t FANS of the game, we just wanna cheer for our country and there is nothing wrong with that at all.  Every time our team wins it does something right that makes us very proud inside—something this country has not done for me since the terrible day of 9-11.

Soccer is, was and will continue to be boring to watch.  The biggest story coming out of the World Cup was some guy biting another guy…..and this was the THIRD time he did it.  You bite me and I’m grabbing a grenade from one of the terrorists in the stands and I’m blowing that guy up like he’s in a “Hostel” movie.

I’d write more but the USA bandwagon is coming down my street and I need to jump on it.