A lot of people follow Pat Robertson.  That concerns me because Pat Robertson is an idiot.  Pat Robertson just said the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma are a sign that we are near the end of time.  I’m not kidding.  Click HERE.  I say we call this guy’s bluff.  If we are near the end of time then I say I shut off his goof ball TV show and stop following his ministry.  Take that $500 a month that you “donate” to buy tweed sport coats and bracelets that correct Pat’s magnetic field and  spend it on your FAMILY.

Look, I believe in a Supreme Being.  I don’t know what He or She stands for  and what they have planned for our future but I can be assured of one thing:  Whoever it is…is not talking to Pat Robertson.  Did we forget that back in the 70’s this guy was saying the world was going to end in November of 1982?  We all know now that the good Lord wanted us to enjoy Poison and other hair bands thus we dodged that potentially fatal moment in time.  Pat Robertson is a used car salesman selling the bible.  God LOVES you but ya gotta FEAR God.  I don’t know about you but I don’t FEAR anyone I LOVE.

I’m always leery of the person in the room that makes the most noise.  I believe that person is trying to draw attention away from the fact that they are the least comfortable.  Pat Robertson is so quick to supply all the answers and that makes me think he should be questioned more than anyone.