Hank Williams Junior is being punished for being honest.  As children we were always taught “honesty is the best policy” but now you should probably add “unless you are talking to the media.”  ESPN has decided to pull the Monday Night Football theme song that Williams has performed at the beginning of the telecast since 1991 because he compared our President to Hitler.   Yes Hank Williams Jr. is being punished for speaking his mind. 

Take a look at Hank.  I know.  We are doing a bit of profiling here but let’s be freaking honest!   I see beer, trucks, barbed-wire fence, bonfire, guns, girls in Daisy Dukes…is thyat enough for ya?   Does Hank look like a guy that’s gonna support ANY Democrat?   Let’s talk about what Hank DIDN’T say.  He never said the President was a dictator.  He never said the President was responsible for the deaths of innocent people.  He made a COMPARISON of the President and Speaker of the House John Bohener playing golf being like “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.”  That’s ALL he said.  It was a brain fart.  It was a mistake but it wasn’t malicious.  If you are EVER in front of a TV camera NEVER mention Hitler.  There’s a reason there isn’t a Hitler comic book or Halloween costume.

So we don’t like what people say and respond by banning things they have done?  We punish people for the right that others have fought to protect?  We are going backwards instead of forwards.  I wish America had the passion for politics of Hank Williams Jr.  I would feel confident that everyone casting a vote really understood the candidates and the issues.  Did I also mention that Hank Williams Jr. has since apologized for what he said?  Click HERE  Johnny Depp compared having his picture taken with being raped!  I find that comparison to be much more offensive than what Hank Williams Jr. said but I’m not gonna stop seeing his films until his films start to suck. 

People are becoming afraid of speaking what they think.  We are taking away our OWN freedom of speech.   Just like you never should be afraid of failure you should never be afraid of speaking your mind.  Now if you’ll excuse me…I have a tee time with Mussolini.