An ice cream shop in Ocala, FL has been accused of racism because some believe a guy standing by the street dressed as an ice cream cone resembles a Klan member.  Read story HERE.  Sadly racism still exists in this country but is this really the face and outfit that touts white supremacy?

I have never attended a Klan rally and that’s something that isn’t on my bucket list but I think I can safely say that this man is not promoting a cross burning.  Looking at the picture I would say this is a man trying to make a few bucks dressed as a sugar cone.  Based on the waist-line of Al Sharpton I think its safe to assume he and other civil rights activists support the consumption of sugar cones on a regular basis.  So where is the controversy???

Is it in the promotion of selecting “vanilla” as a flavor of choice? I think we are on to something.   Adding a few sprinkles to the top of a vanilla cone does not make it multi-cultural so surely you understand the outrage.  I’m a chocolate guy.  I’m also a man of conviction.  I don’t care if a man stands on a street corner dressed as a Grand Wizard with sprinkles on his head I will not be intimidated to order a vanilla cone.  I like chocolate and nothing is gonna make me change my order in the custard line!  We must stop this ridiculous mind-set that all people must order vanilla.  Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry…it doesn’t matter.  No matter what the color it’s all the same on the inside.  It’s still ICE CREAM!!!

I have to go.  I think the “Hamburglar” is in my driveway trying to hot-wire my car.