Labor Day weekend is upon us.  I can’t help thinking about those Labor Day weekends when I was a kid.  We would sit on a picnic table that dad built (every spring and fall he would coat it with Linseed oil to preserve the wood) and eat non-stop with friends and family.

Mom would make sure there was a table-cloth on the picnic table because that’s just the way it was done.  The potato salad would only be out for eight minutes because it can’t sit in direct sunlight or we all would end up in the hospital.  Mom’s steak had to be “extra well-done” because if blood comes out that means the meat is not cooked and you logically will develop worms.

After eating and drinking too much all the guys would play jarts.   This game was played in the backyard and was a combination of darts and horseshoes.  The “jart” actually resembled something used in modern warfare.  It was a flying projectile with a sharp metal point.  In 1988 this “game” was eventually banned because it resulted in“multiple deaths.”  THIS was the game being played in my backyard. Did I mention most of the players held “jart” in one hand and alcoholic beverage in the other.  If the potato salad or worms didn’t get me then the damn Jart would!

Here is hoping YOU create great memories this Labor Day weekend!.