It’s been twenty-four hours since the Casey Anthony verdict.  I’ve watched Nancy Grace’s head spin around like a top.  I’ve heard the comparisons to OJ (that’s insane….OJ killed TWO people).  I’ve watched the TV talking heads ask “What about Kaylee?” and then go on to talk for the next hour about what CASEY will do.  This has been a filibuster of morons and hypocrites.

Casey Anthony is going to be a millionaire many times over.  The networks will fight for the first interview.  There will be a movie.  There will be a book.  There could be a career in porn.  Could she be the next “Bachelorette?”  Imagine if they put her on “Dancing With The Stars.”  Yes, Casey Anthony is gonna be a millionaire and its our fault.  We created this monster.

Imagine if when she gets out of jail later this week nobody cared.  No press.  No helicopters flying over head. No breaking news.  Ya know what that would mean?  NO PAY DAY!

Well that’s not gonna happen.  It’s gonna be a show.  Press everywhere.  Satellite TV trucks lined up for miles.  I’ll even bet that Gloria Allred walks her to the limo.  Wanna blame the jury? What for?  What did you really expect from twelve people not smart enough to get out of jury duty?

Life has become “The Truman Show.”  Until we all decide to look the other way and watch something else, it will only happen again.