Harley skull

Danny pushes Harley 2 miles.  He ends up calling his mother for a ride. Things Danny thinks everyone should ask on the first date.  Why is Lorena Bobbitt in the news?  This podcast is truly a great example of what it’s like to live in DANNYLAND!

chick with radio

Danny highlights the most ridiculous moment of last night’s “Dancing With The Stars.”  Dr. Phil yesterday was SUPER creepy.  Why on earth would the husband of a mayor dress up for Halloween in a costume you won’t believe?  What commercial right now is driving Danny nuts and so much more.  Just click below.

If you know me then you know I have always made the comment “I’m gonna sell everything except the Harley, move to Key West, and tend bar.”   The way things are going in this world I’m ready to move there NOW!

Look at the water-color to the left.  It was painted by Senator Dan Patrick of Texas.  He actually said the face of Jesus magically appeared when he tried to correct his painting.  Ever since Chaz Bono has been announced as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars,” discussion boards have blown up!  “I’m not watching.”  “How did he grow his beard?”  ” Does he FEEL like a man?”  “Look at all the cheese he bought this weekend.”  This is REALLY happening people!

I don’t care if Chaz Bono can grow a beard.  Eat all the cheese ya like.  I don’t worry about what he feels like.  Chaz Bono doesn’t affect which TV show I watch but I would look at his “thing” if he slung it over the shoulder of Tom Bergeron.  Just being honest.

Jesus didn’t “magically appear” on your painting Senator.  You suck as an artist.  Unless you make your living as painter I think we all were pretty much done with water colors by our tenth birthday.  Why not say you think Jesus may have been homosexual since he never married and always hung out with a bunch of guys? THAT makes more sense to me than you claiming his face “magically appeared” when you couldn’t find your Lite Brite and you decided to play with your paint-by-number set.

The Dow Jones is falling and the crazy factor is going off the charts.  Time for me to plan a yard sale!

For the first time since 1945 America showed zero job growth last month.  We have a tropical storm AND a hurricane that pose threats to our mainland.  We are nine days away from the ten-year anniversary of 9-11.  Please put those and other issues on the back burner because Chaz Bono is SHOWING OFF HIS NEW BEARD!!

I can imagine if my father were alive today and he saw this “story” on the news.  The conversation would probably go like this:

Dad:  Who’s the fat guy?

Me:  That’s Chaz Bono.  Remember the Sonny and Cher show you didn’t like because Sonny had a cheesy mustache?  That’s his daughter that he would pick up and hold during every show.

Dad:  She looks like a man.

Me:  Well technically she is.  She is a transgender, she is now a he, and he can grow a beard.

Dad:  Good for her or him.  Why does anyone give  s**t?

Sadly many people do.  People are threatening NOT to watch Dancing With The Stars because Chaz Bono is a contestant!  That’s insane to me.  I’m gonna watch BECAUSE of Chaz Bono.  I wanna see who has the bigger head; Chaz or Nancy Grace.  I wanna hear Chaz talk to Tom Bergeron.  Will he sound like Bowzer from ShaNaNa?  I wanna see if he keeps the beard and decides to become Amish.

Pick your battles America.  Chaz Bono is NOT one of them.  Have a  great and safe weekend!  🙂


Awards shows are a great diversion from the stress of every day life.  The Music Video Awards were last night and I am AMAZED at the top trending topics TODAY.  Most have to do with the VMA’s!  Let’s look at these “pressing issues” in context:

Don’t ya love Bieber in glasses?  OMG Chris Brown is lip-synching!  Did they dig up Amy Winehouse to play guitar with Ralph Macchio?  OMG that’s NOT Ralph Macchio…it’s Lady Ga Ga!!   That’s Brian May and NOT Amy Winehouse?  Queen?  Who is Queen?  Why is Beyonce looking like she lost her burka?  OMG she’s pregnant and NO ONE KNEW!!  Will Kayne ever run on stage this year and save us from this boredom?

I’m probably a bigger pop culture fan than most but this country has bigger problems than if David Arquette really is gonna be in the next cast of Dancing With The Stars.  I think it’s time we showed the passion we place on our diversions in our passion in helping others and fixing the problems that face this country

It’s been twenty-four hours since the Casey Anthony verdict.  I’ve watched Nancy Grace’s head spin around like a top.  I’ve heard the comparisons to OJ (that’s insane….OJ killed TWO people).  I’ve watched the TV talking heads ask “What about Kaylee?” and then go on to talk for the next hour about what CASEY will do.  This has been a filibuster of morons and hypocrites.

Casey Anthony is going to be a millionaire many times over.  The networks will fight for the first interview.  There will be a movie.  There will be a book.  There could be a career in porn.  Could she be the next “Bachelorette?”  Imagine if they put her on “Dancing With The Stars.”  Yes, Casey Anthony is gonna be a millionaire and its our fault.  We created this monster.

Imagine if when she gets out of jail later this week nobody cared.  No press.  No helicopters flying over head. No breaking news.  Ya know what that would mean?  NO PAY DAY!

Well that’s not gonna happen.  It’s gonna be a show.  Press everywhere.  Satellite TV trucks lined up for miles.  I’ll even bet that Gloria Allred walks her to the limo.  Wanna blame the jury? What for?  What did you really expect from twelve people not smart enough to get out of jury duty?

Life has become “The Truman Show.”  Until we all decide to look the other way and watch something else, it will only happen again.