As we all know NBC’s Chris Hanson has allegedly been caught cheating on his wife.  Why is this front page news? The divorce rate is 50% and I think we all know a few people cheating on their spouses.  It is because of what Chris is KNOWN FOR that the media has made this into a story.

Chris has busted quite a few sickos during his time as host of “To Catch a Predator.”  If this story is true then what happened, although morally wrong, happened between two consenting adults.  Chris didn’t show up at a Chuck E Cheese with a roll of quarters in his speedo, a squirt gun and a box of condoms.  We don’t know what’s going on inside his house so I think this is between he and his wife.

Now what about “the other woman?”  Her name is Kristyn Caddel and she is a reporter at the NBC affiliate here in West Palm Beach.  I’ve lived and worked in the media here in West Palm since 2004 and this is the first time I heard her name.  She’s taking quite a beating in the blogs and I almost feel sorry for her.  I say “almost” because she is gonna benefit in the long run.  Jessica Hahn, Rachel Uchitel, OctoMom, Amy Fischer….the list of people who have found fame through pop culture is endless.  Call it sleazy but we, as consumers, have created this monster.

I think about Hansen’s opening line.  Was it “Ever watch TV?  Ever watch Dateline?” What were their trysts like?  Did he tape them with a hidden camera?  What did Kristyn say when that guy with the headset and giant boom microphone came out of the hallway closet?

See how easy it is?  I’m part of the problem instead of part of the solution.  I need to get MY name out there.  I’m off to ring Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s doorbell.