I was reading an article the other day about why Mr. Rogers was such a great neighbor.  READ ARTICLE HERE.  Mr. Rogers was very special to me as an only child and it amazes me that some people are creeped out by him.  His purpose was to stimulate the imagination of a child; not to be analyzed in a literal sense by adults. 

Allow me to be silly and offer a cynical look at Mr. Rogers.  Let’s start with that traffic light.  How hammered do ya have to be to climb a pole and zip line down some guy wire to cut that thing down?  The fish?  You’re talking to fish?  Talking to a cat or a dog I get, they may respond, but you’re trying to carry on a conversation with a submerged piece of sushi.  Next thing ya know you’ll be talking to a freaking TROLLEY CAR!  Wait……you do?  And ya think the trolley car is talking back to you???  This same trolley car, which is about the size of a loaf of bread, is able to transport an adult male to “The Land of Make Believe?”  Would someone please get the Department of Human Services on the phone???

WAIT!!!  Someone is at the door.  It’s some Colonel Sanders wanna-be called “Mr. McFeely.”  McFeely???  Really???  If I’m a parent I don’t want my kid anywhere near someone named McFeely.  Shouldn’t he be registered somewhere with the state? 

Sadly, some people actually feel this way about the show and for those that do I offer you this:  In our occupations, how many times have we been encouraged to “think outside the box?”  Show me a CREATIVE person and I’ll show ya a SUCCESSFUL  person.  Thinking outside the box is the “adult version” of “The Land of Make Believe.” 

So thank YOU Mr. Rogers for everything you taught me, however, I’ll never purchase a pair of those goofy tennis shoes ya wore.  🙂